Master of Science in Biology

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One year Master's program (60 ECTS points)

The concise 1 year (60 ECTS points) master's program extends over two semesters, and is designed for students who have absolved an accelerated 8-semester German bachelor's degree, bachelor with honors or the equivalent in Biology. With the one year master's program, the fields Ecology, Evolution and Neurobiology can also be selected.

The second semester of the one year master's program contains the mandatory master's final module, consisting of:

    • 15 ECTS points master's thesis,
    • 1 ECTS point thesis disputation,
    • 2 ECTS points master's colloquium,
    • custom 12 ECTS points research module.

Achieving a master's degree is prerequisite for starting toward a doctoral degree in Germany and abroad. With a master's degree, students may pursue an individual doctoral research project or a doctorate in one of the Faculty of Biology graduate schools, the Graduate School Life Science Munich – from Molecules to Systems (LSM) and the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences (GSN).


Application process (see Admissions)