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Student (thesis) project at Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research


The advertised student project is focused on archaeal lipids: their production under various culturing conditions, isolation of certain lipids which are precursors to lipid biomarkers that we find in billion year old sediments and analysis of their intramolecular isotopic structure using a novel technique in Orbitrap mass spectrometry that Merve Öztoprak is currently establishing during her PhD.

We are specifically looking for a student that would be able to stay for at least 6 months and has some experience in microbial cultivation (preferably a Master student, although Bachelor students are also welcome to apply).

Students from outside of the Netherlands may be able to get additional funding though a Erasmus + trainee scholarship that we can apply for. The student would be hosted at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) on Texel.

They will be supervised and trained in all methods by Merve Öztoprak and her supervisor Laura Villanueva. A more detailed project description can be found with this link:

If you are interested in a research project in the research group please e-mail Merve Öztoprak at for further information.