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PhD position in Biomedical Center of LMU Munich

The Korber group is offering a PhD-position.


The Korber lab is looking for a PhD student who will pioneer new assays for histone exchange, generation of noncanoncial nucleosomal particles (e.g. nucleosome collision dimers), nucleosome eviction and DNA sequencedependentnucleosome positioning in our genome-wide reconstitution system. This will involve protein purification, enzymology assays, chromatin analysis by nuclease digests and DNA methylation footprinting
coupled to high-throughput sequencing, especially single-molecule long-read sequencing (Oxford Nanopore,
PacBio) and bioinformatic analyses, and allow to address how chromatin remodeling enzymes process
genetic (DNA sequence) and epigenetic (histone modifications, histone variants, chromatin environment)
cues. The project will be in close collaboration with strong structural biology groups (Karl-Peter Hopfner,
Gene Center, LMU; Sebastian Eustermann, EMBL Heidelberg).

Payment is guaranteed for 3 years and will be according to 65% TV-L E13. The project starts in May or June

More information can be found here.

Applications should include a letter of motivation, an up-to-date CV, certificates of completed studies, letters
of reference or contact information of former supervisors/tutors, and submitted by email to