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The following professors and staff are involved in the regulation and coordination of the various Master's programs at the Faculty of Biology. Information about the individual Master programs can be obtained from the respective program coordinators or visit the corresponding website.

Dean of Studies

Jung, Prof. Dr. Heinrich

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Jung

Dean of Studies, Professor of Microbiology


Bögle, Michael

Dr. Michael Bögle

Program Coordinator

Bachelor and all Master Programs

Bassios, Irini

Irini Bassios

Program Coordinator (Currently on maternity leave)

Teaching Degrees in Biology
Elite Master Program: "Human Biology - Principles of Health and Disease"
Inclusion Counseling

Bodensteiner, Philomena

Dr. Philomena Bodensteiner

MEME Programm, Forschungsbüro Lehre@LMU

Coordinator for MEME and for Research and Practice Orientation of Studies

Dr. Alexander Kaiser

Studies Coordinator

Master Neuroscience, GSN, Faculty Deputy for Animal Care

Katinka Ruffle

Program Coordinator

Master Program Biology, Master Program Molecular and Cellular Biology